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Beginnings Farm

Rebuilding Love and Trust

a novel by Sarah Madderra

Drew Hamilton is a veterinarian who suddenly inherits Majesty’s Glory, a race horse fresh off the track, by rescuing him from his abusive owner. Drew is unprepared for this kind of traumatic commitment and seeks help from track veterinarian, Dr Pappas, who informs him that his step-daughter, Jenna, runs a rehabilitative program for race horses who need retraining. He believes she may be able to assist with the situation.
Jenna is divorcing Matthew, who has been beating her down for years, both physically and verbally. She finds that she has become fearful of getting close to men and limits her interactions with them to only those of a purely platonic or business nature now. However her needs and desires still exist. She copes by treating
traumatized horses, since she understands their abuse in a very personal way. Jenna knows it will take time and patience for them to recover and return to their former strength, and realizes the same will be true in her own healing process. She wishes Matthew would just let her go, but he insists he wants her back and will do anything to make sure he achieves his objective. And his determination frightens her.
As Drew and Jenna get to know one another, he begins to recognize in her a similarity between what she has endured in her own life and the abuse she sees in the horses she is treating. Drew finds himself attracted to her, but fears she will not want him as anything more than just a client.
Drew sets up a practice with Dr. Pappas, simply out of a desire to get to know his daughter. For Jenna, the partnership appears to be a way to ease her father into retirement part time, so he doesn’t have to work at the race track anymore.  She is in therapy but finds herself feeling flirtatious with Drew. Will it go further and will he win her heart?  She must learn to trust again, just like the horses do.

Together, all three help Majesty’s Glory redeem himself and in the process, Jenna is able to recover from her past to move on to a new beginning.

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  1. Kathleen Goldstrom

    Is this published yet? I am an avid reader and this sounds great (though I’m not usually crazy about romance). Love the setting, eager to see more!

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